Monday, October 25, 2010

Noah Subway Art

I've shared with you before my newfound love of Subway Art and Noah's love of Wordles, so when I was working on decorations for Noah's birthday party I got the idea to make Noah-themed subway art in the colors of the party.

I went the easier route (since I only have a Slice die cutting machine and would have to cut out every single letter individually which would take forever) and made this on the computer. 

I simply started with Noah's name in the middle in the largest font I used and then I filled it in with different words and phrases that describe him in different fonts, colors, and sizes. (I used purple and orange since it was the main colors of the party decorations.)

I then spray painted a frame I had purple, popped the printed "Noah subway art" in a frame and called her done. 

Since Noah's room is also purple and orange, I intend to hang it in his room or on his door when it is no longer being used as a birthday decoration.

PS. I had a hard time getting a great picture so I have shared several as well as the jpeg of the file I created on my computer. (Click on any photos to make them larger.)


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