Friday, October 1, 2010

Kid's Halloween Subway Art

Subway Art is all the rage amongst the crafty bloggers lately. Have no clue what subway art is? Well, it's basically words on canvas or a painted board (or something similar.) The words all relate to one subject, like fall or Halloween for example. It basically reminds me of a Wordle and Noah and I used to love making Wordles.

Many crafters are using their Cricut or Silhouette cutters to cut the words and create their subway art. I do have a Slice but I'd have to cut each individual letter for each word and that would be A LOT of cutting.

So, recently I was at Target and saw a sheet of Halloween stickers in the dollar spot that had all different descriptive words relating to Halloween. I thought that it would make cute Subway art and it would be a small project that Noah and I could do together. (He loves any project with stickers.)I bought the stickers, some glittery paper, and a large Halloween sticker. (All from the Target Dollar Spot.)

The other night Noah and sat out to work on it. I had previously glued down the black paper to a piece of canvas I already had. Together we put the large Halloween sticker in the middle. I read the descriptive words on the other stickers to him and we chose which ones to use. I peeled them off and put them about where I thought they should go on the canvas and then he banged patted them into place. He is the best sticker-patter-downer I know!

It turned out pretty cute and was fun for us to do together!

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