Sunday, February 28, 2010

A New Doctor

On Monday, we'll be heading to a new doctor in hopes that he could do the surgery that Noah needs sooner than the other doctor if we like and feel comfortable with him. I have some reservations about him because Noah's other doctor told us that he mainly does adults and not children, not to mention special needs children but he was the closest which is why we chose to meet with him first.

I am hopeful though which is really all I can be at this point. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I'll update when I can!

Quote of the Week: What Lies Within Us

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Photography = Art?

Recently someone called one of my photographs that they saw on my photography blog "art." No one has ever called one of my photographs "art" before. 

Yes, I view it as my way to express myself and a form of art but I mean come on, a child's scribbles is art too! 

So, anyway, I think that was probably one of the best compliments I've been paid in awhile. It certainly made my heart sing!

And here's the photograph she called art.....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Picnic in the Mountains

This weekend we took advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather and had a picnic in the mountains.

Excited to be in the Mountains

Resting after lunch
Snuggling after lunch

God's Beauty

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Heart Faces: Hands On Fun

It's "Hands on Fun" week at I Heart Faces. I had a hard time narrowing it down but finally chose this picture of my niece and great nephew. His little chubby baby hand is just precious.
Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more "Hands on Fun." 

The Big Girl Camera

Recently I got an amazingly awesome deal on a camera that I just couldn't pass up and I went for it. Since I', so actively pursuing photography at the moment, I had been wanting to upgrade my camera for awhile a bit. I've nicknamed the new camera the big girl camera and I really love it. It's way bigger and better than my other camera. I have a lot to learn about it though!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Quote of the Week: Life is Like Photography

"Life is like photography - we develop from the negatives." 

~ Author Unknown

Friday, February 19, 2010

His Granddad Lowers His Blood Pressure

Funny/cute story about Noah and his Granddad......

When we were at Shriner's for Noah's appointment last week, they did his vital signs which includes his blood pressure. His blood pressure was very high. The nurse asked if he was anxious and I said that he probably was so she took it again. Still super high. 

She switches blood pressures cuffs and tries a third time - still super high. I can tell she's worried and that we need to somehow get the blood pressure down. She suggests walking him around for a minute to calm him. My parents were at the appointment with us but not in that room so I suggest getting his Granddad to come talk to him. The nurse thinks it is a good idea so I leave Noah there and go fetch Granddad. 

While walking back to the room where Noah was with the nurse, I quickly explain to my Dad that Noah's blood pressure keeps coming up high and we think it's because he is anxious/nervous about the appointment, but we're hoping Dad can calm down a bit and help him be still while she takes his blood pressure a fourth time.

Dad comes in and goes directly to Noah and leans down on his level and whispers some things in his ear. (I'm not allowed to know what - it's between Granddad and Noah!) Then he convinces Noah to let the nurse take his blood pressure a fourth time and to be very very still while she is taking it. (He wasn't being still before which could also mess up the number.)

So she takes his blood pressure a final time and it was with in the normal range! So, for Noah his Granddad lowers his blood pressure!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Momma Knows

Written for Noah by his Momma......

You may not talk like other people,

But Momma hears you. 

You may not walk like other people, 
But Momma knows you are going places. 

You may not learn like other people,  
But Momma understands your hunger for learning.  

You may not cry like other people, 
 But Momma knows when you are hurt. 

You may not be afraid like other people,
 But Momma knows your fears.  

As your Momma, I know what you’re trying to tell me  when you "talk" or when you sign.

I know that you walk in your own way, as slow as it may be, you have places to go and you’re determined to get there.

I know you’re learning all I teach you, when you are sitting with me at the computer or we are reading a book, I watch your little brain soaking in everything I'm telling you. 

I know it hurts your heart (and mine!) when others tease you.

As your Momma, I know that you're not afraid of monsters or the dark, cause your fears are way bigger, my sweet boy. 

As your Momma, I know you’re not like everyone else.  You’re different and special. You haven't lost your innocence yet, but you are wise beyond your years in some ways.

I've watched you make people laugh and smile without saying a single word. 

As your Momma, I know,  It’s not always going to be easy for you.
I know you will need me to  cry for you when you can’t cry for yourself
And fight for you when you can’t fight for yourself.
And I know you will need me to hold your hand along the way  when you’re frightened. 

I don’t know how I know all this,  But as your Momma I just know.

I also know what being your Momma has given me.
Being your Momma has made me a different person.
I'm a better person because I am your Momma! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Our Valentine's Lunch Date

A few weeks ago, Noah excitedly brought home an invitation to a Valentine's Day lunch. Before Christmas, he and his classmates had been doing several things to make money, such as making gourmet dog treats and selling them. As a class they voted on what to do with their earnings and one thing that they chose to do was to take their parents out to lunch on the Thursday before Valentine's Day (there was no school the Fri before V Day) to say thank you for loving and taking care of them. 

Noah was SO excited about this. When he first brought home the invitation there was still 2 weeks before the lunch date but he was still asking me about ten times a day when it was going to be time for the lunch date. Finally, it arrived and we met Noah and his classmates at a Chinese buffet restaurant. I was a little concerned about Noah's behavior but he did great and ate a ton of sweet and sour chicken and was so proud that he was taking his Momma and Daddy out for lunch! 

Here's a few pictures from our Vday Lunch Date! 

The Invitation

He's so excited! 

The Three of Us

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stress Causes Headaches - Go Figure

I went to the Doctor for myself today. I have been having headaches for awhile now and put off going to the Doctor as long as I could. They were becoming more frequent and more painful so when I was dealing with a really bad one on Sunday I told J that I'd had enough, I wanted to go to the doctor. My Mom had suggested that they were probably brought on by stress and I suspected that she was right but knew I needed to go the doctor anyways to make sure that's what it was and so that he could give me stronger medicines to try and deal with them.

We were right - they are tension headaches brought on by stress. My doctor said he usually tells his patients to eliminate or reduce their stress. Well, that's kind of hard to do when it  your son who is bringing on the stress. Of course it's not Noah's fault but you know what I mean. I filled the doctor in on what has been going on with Noah in the past month and he said I gave him a headache just explaining it all to him!

My doctor was very patient with me as we discussed medication choices. I needed something that would stop the headaches without making me immediately sleepy or in such a deep sleep that I might not hear Noah should he need me since J works at nights. 

So we are trying a couple of different things and hopefully we will quickly find medications that work and help the headaches.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Update after Noah's Shriner's Appointment

Several of you have sent messages wondering how Noah’s appointments went on Friday and I have been meaning to come and update you all but it has been a very busy couple of days.

So on Friday, we met with the anesthesiologists at Shriner’s. That went pretty well but I really wasn’t expecting that part to not go well. Noah’s never really had any breathing problems or been a sick child and all of that plays in his favor in regards to having the surgery. The only tricky concerns of surgery seem to be related to his behavior issues and the autistic meltdowns he has. He might have to be sedated after surgery longer so that he doesn’t pull his Ivs out. So the anesthesiologist gave the OK for Noah to have the surgery.

Although we really don’t want Noah to have to have the surgery (who wants their kid to have surgery?) we know that it is the best thing for him so we decided to move forward with the surgery. The problem is though, after all this thought, prayer, research, and time to get to this decision, the surgery can not be scheduled until December. His doctor feels like waiting till December could be too late - he’d be too stiff by then and we could not do the surgery.

So his doctor has recommended that we contact other doctors and see if they can do the surgery sooner. His doctor gave us the names of three doctors that could do the surgery that he recommended. One is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, another in Columbia, South Carolina, and the third in Greenville, South Carolina. The doctor in Charlotte, North Carolina was immediately ruled out due to out of state insurance stuff. We have an appointment with the doctor in Greenville on March 1. This doctor mainly works with adults though so I have additional concerns should we decide to move forward with the surgery with this doctor.

Yes, I feel frustrated with the way things have gone down. It took a lot to finally get to the decision to move forward with the surgery and then something like scheduling messes things up and  we’ve taken a step backwards.

So, that’s where things stand now. Your continued prayers mean a lot to us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Noah's Shriner's Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Noah's appointment with the anesthesiologists at Shriner's. we'll also be meeting with the doctor who we met with last time and hopefully someone from physical therapy too as I have a million questions for them.  I wish I could say that I'm ok with everything but I'm not. Discussing the chances that your child will survive a surgery that in your heart of hearts you have come to realize he desperately needs is not an easy thing for a Mother to discuss. 

I've been trying to live in the moment lately. I want to enjoy each moment with him, with my family, of my life. All of this has really made me realize life is so so so precious and we really do take it for granted sometimes.

I know we are being prayed for by people all over the country. I can feel there prayers and support and that's lifting me up and keeping my head up. I know God is looking out for me and especially my little guy and that too sustains me.

To read what all was said at the first appointment check out this post written right after it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who Turned off the Lights?

Noah has recently gotten tall enough to turn off the lights in most of the rooms in our house. At school they teach him that you should turn the lights off to conserve energy. That's great BUT they need to follow that with "IF no one is in the room." I can't tell you how many times he's turned the lights off while J and I were in that room! I'll look at him and asked who turned out the lights and he'll just give me his big cheesy grin that melts my heart. 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Heart Faces: We Heart Kisses Week

It's "We Heart Kisses" week at I Heart Faces. I had a hard time choosing from two different photos but ultimately decided to enter the photo below from my first maternity shoot for this week's kissing picture photo challenge.
I love this photo. I love the lighting. I love the Momma to be's glow. I love the bokeh going on and I love how tender and sweet the Daddy to be is kissing Momma's baby bump.

For more cute kissin' photos, check out I Heart Faces.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Quote of the Week: Never Get and Give Enough Love

A Love Quote since Valentine's Day is close.....

"The only thing we can get enough of is love. And the only thing we can never give enough of is love."
~ Henry Miller

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Weekend

We had a nice, semi quiet, relaxing for the most part weekend which is just what I needed to gear up for this crazy busy week ahead which includes parent/teacher conferences, a Valentine's lunch with Noah's class, appointment at Shriner's with the anesthesiologists and much more! 

I did some relaxing and movie watching on the bed with my boys.......

Did a little crafting

Did a little shopping.....
(They had camis on sale for 2.00 at Old Navy!!!) 

And ended the weekend with a little football cheering! 

I did do a little work on the computer too but that's not pictured!

What did you do this weekend?? 

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Bit of Snow

On Thursday, Noahie brought home this little snow guy that he made at school. 

 I asked him if he was hoping that it would snow over the weekend and he said yes. 

He got his wish because Friday night the flakes started falling. 
And by Saturday morning, there was white snow everywhere. We had a snow covered truck, a snow covered wheelchair ramp, and a snow covered view from the front door. 

We ended up with about 4 inches or so.

The snow made for a weekend of being stuck in doors although J and Noah did venture out yesterday. Noah was in a little bit of back pain over the weekend and since he never asked to go out in it, I thought it best to not suggest it. He seemed just fine with looking out the window.

There's still snow out there but the roads are more drivable now. School is on a two hour delay today.