Monday, February 15, 2010

Update after Noah's Shriner's Appointment

Several of you have sent messages wondering how Noah’s appointments went on Friday and I have been meaning to come and update you all but it has been a very busy couple of days.

So on Friday, we met with the anesthesiologists at Shriner’s. That went pretty well but I really wasn’t expecting that part to not go well. Noah’s never really had any breathing problems or been a sick child and all of that plays in his favor in regards to having the surgery. The only tricky concerns of surgery seem to be related to his behavior issues and the autistic meltdowns he has. He might have to be sedated after surgery longer so that he doesn’t pull his Ivs out. So the anesthesiologist gave the OK for Noah to have the surgery.

Although we really don’t want Noah to have to have the surgery (who wants their kid to have surgery?) we know that it is the best thing for him so we decided to move forward with the surgery. The problem is though, after all this thought, prayer, research, and time to get to this decision, the surgery can not be scheduled until December. His doctor feels like waiting till December could be too late - he’d be too stiff by then and we could not do the surgery.

So his doctor has recommended that we contact other doctors and see if they can do the surgery sooner. His doctor gave us the names of three doctors that could do the surgery that he recommended. One is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, another in Columbia, South Carolina, and the third in Greenville, South Carolina. The doctor in Charlotte, North Carolina was immediately ruled out due to out of state insurance stuff. We have an appointment with the doctor in Greenville on March 1. This doctor mainly works with adults though so I have additional concerns should we decide to move forward with the surgery with this doctor.

Yes, I feel frustrated with the way things have gone down. It took a lot to finally get to the decision to move forward with the surgery and then something like scheduling messes things up and  we’ve taken a step backwards.

So, that’s where things stand now. Your continued prayers mean a lot to us.

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