Friday, February 19, 2010

His Granddad Lowers His Blood Pressure

Funny/cute story about Noah and his Granddad......

When we were at Shriner's for Noah's appointment last week, they did his vital signs which includes his blood pressure. His blood pressure was very high. The nurse asked if he was anxious and I said that he probably was so she took it again. Still super high. 

She switches blood pressures cuffs and tries a third time - still super high. I can tell she's worried and that we need to somehow get the blood pressure down. She suggests walking him around for a minute to calm him. My parents were at the appointment with us but not in that room so I suggest getting his Granddad to come talk to him. The nurse thinks it is a good idea so I leave Noah there and go fetch Granddad. 

While walking back to the room where Noah was with the nurse, I quickly explain to my Dad that Noah's blood pressure keeps coming up high and we think it's because he is anxious/nervous about the appointment, but we're hoping Dad can calm down a bit and help him be still while she takes his blood pressure a fourth time.

Dad comes in and goes directly to Noah and leans down on his level and whispers some things in his ear. (I'm not allowed to know what - it's between Granddad and Noah!) Then he convinces Noah to let the nurse take his blood pressure a fourth time and to be very very still while she is taking it. (He wasn't being still before which could also mess up the number.)

So she takes his blood pressure a final time and it was with in the normal range! So, for Noah his Granddad lowers his blood pressure!

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