Thursday, February 11, 2010

Noah's Shriner's Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Noah's appointment with the anesthesiologists at Shriner's. we'll also be meeting with the doctor who we met with last time and hopefully someone from physical therapy too as I have a million questions for them.  I wish I could say that I'm ok with everything but I'm not. Discussing the chances that your child will survive a surgery that in your heart of hearts you have come to realize he desperately needs is not an easy thing for a Mother to discuss. 

I've been trying to live in the moment lately. I want to enjoy each moment with him, with my family, of my life. All of this has really made me realize life is so so so precious and we really do take it for granted sometimes.

I know we are being prayed for by people all over the country. I can feel there prayers and support and that's lifting me up and keeping my head up. I know God is looking out for me and especially my little guy and that too sustains me.

To read what all was said at the first appointment check out this post written right after it.


  1. Keeping positive thoughts for you tomorrow!!!

  2. You know I'm thinking of both of or text me.