Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stress Causes Headaches - Go Figure

I went to the Doctor for myself today. I have been having headaches for awhile now and put off going to the Doctor as long as I could. They were becoming more frequent and more painful so when I was dealing with a really bad one on Sunday I told J that I'd had enough, I wanted to go to the doctor. My Mom had suggested that they were probably brought on by stress and I suspected that she was right but knew I needed to go the doctor anyways to make sure that's what it was and so that he could give me stronger medicines to try and deal with them.

We were right - they are tension headaches brought on by stress. My doctor said he usually tells his patients to eliminate or reduce their stress. Well, that's kind of hard to do when it  your son who is bringing on the stress. Of course it's not Noah's fault but you know what I mean. I filled the doctor in on what has been going on with Noah in the past month and he said I gave him a headache just explaining it all to him!

My doctor was very patient with me as we discussed medication choices. I needed something that would stop the headaches without making me immediately sleepy or in such a deep sleep that I might not hear Noah should he need me since J works at nights. 

So we are trying a couple of different things and hopefully we will quickly find medications that work and help the headaches.

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