Thursday, February 18, 2010

Momma Knows

Written for Noah by his Momma......

You may not talk like other people,

But Momma hears you. 

You may not walk like other people, 
But Momma knows you are going places. 

You may not learn like other people,  
But Momma understands your hunger for learning.  

You may not cry like other people, 
 But Momma knows when you are hurt. 

You may not be afraid like other people,
 But Momma knows your fears.  

As your Momma, I know what you’re trying to tell me  when you "talk" or when you sign.

I know that you walk in your own way, as slow as it may be, you have places to go and you’re determined to get there.

I know you’re learning all I teach you, when you are sitting with me at the computer or we are reading a book, I watch your little brain soaking in everything I'm telling you. 

I know it hurts your heart (and mine!) when others tease you.

As your Momma, I know that you're not afraid of monsters or the dark, cause your fears are way bigger, my sweet boy. 

As your Momma, I know you’re not like everyone else.  You’re different and special. You haven't lost your innocence yet, but you are wise beyond your years in some ways.

I've watched you make people laugh and smile without saying a single word. 

As your Momma, I know,  It’s not always going to be easy for you.
I know you will need me to  cry for you when you can’t cry for yourself
And fight for you when you can’t fight for yourself.
And I know you will need me to hold your hand along the way  when you’re frightened. 

I don’t know how I know all this,  But as your Momma I just know.

I also know what being your Momma has given me.
Being your Momma has made me a different person.
I'm a better person because I am your Momma! 

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