Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Our Valentine's Lunch Date

A few weeks ago, Noah excitedly brought home an invitation to a Valentine's Day lunch. Before Christmas, he and his classmates had been doing several things to make money, such as making gourmet dog treats and selling them. As a class they voted on what to do with their earnings and one thing that they chose to do was to take their parents out to lunch on the Thursday before Valentine's Day (there was no school the Fri before V Day) to say thank you for loving and taking care of them. 

Noah was SO excited about this. When he first brought home the invitation there was still 2 weeks before the lunch date but he was still asking me about ten times a day when it was going to be time for the lunch date. Finally, it arrived and we met Noah and his classmates at a Chinese buffet restaurant. I was a little concerned about Noah's behavior but he did great and ate a ton of sweet and sour chicken and was so proud that he was taking his Momma and Daddy out for lunch! 

Here's a few pictures from our Vday Lunch Date! 

The Invitation

He's so excited! 

The Three of Us


  1. Awesome Pics!! I love the Black & White ones! I came here from 5min. Special Exp Wed!

  2. looks like a great Valentine's day!

  3. How sweet. What good parents! We don't do restuarants either, so I'm happy your lunch date turned out so nice!

  4. What a sweet thing for the kids to do. I love that he was so excited to be treating y'all!

  5. Thanks ladies!! We hadn't done a restaurant in forever so we were pleasantly surprised with his behavior. I think it probably had something to do with the girl he liked being so near by! haha

  6. What a lovely story. I'm glad he was sooo excited and you all enjoyed yourselves. Gorgeous pics!

    We always include our daughter now 4 yrs old in all of our celebrations ie Valentines Day, Anniversaries and it's always out to a restaurant. We walk, so we can have a couple of bevvies without driving and play hide & seek and chasey both ways. A bit tricky on a full stomach. lol