Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Biscuits

So, Noah decided he didn't want plain ole' biscuits this past weekend - he wanted Christmas biscuits. I wasn't sure where he came up with this idea until later when he got SO excited watching a commercial where they made Christmas tree cookies. He doesn't really care for sweets so he just substituted biscuits for cookies - smart boy! 

So while I was out buying more biscuits, I grabbed some Christmas tree cookie cutters and was able to make my boy his Christmas tree shaped biscuits. He was SO excited when I showed him that he immediately signed love - I'm not sure if that was because he loved the biscuits or because he loved his Momma for making them. I'll go with both. 


  1. I am betting it was love for the momma!

  2. I'd go with both too! Cute picture. He looks really happy with those biscuits!

  3. what a great idea! I'd go with both too :)

  4. How precious! I'm going to bet it was both also! The biscuits turned out so cute, but not as cute and happy as Noah looks!