Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

I am adoring our Christmas tree this year. Noah reminds me to turn the lights on every morning when we go into the living room to wait for the school bus. I turn them off after he leaves but turn them back on before he gets home. Sneaky, eh?

Once again our tree is a hodge podge, eclectic mix of ornaments but the thing I love most is that almost every single ornament on the tree has meaning behind it. It was bought for a special reason, given to us by a loved one, created by someone we love, or is on there to commemorate an event in our lives.

Here's close ups of just a few of my favorite ornaments..... 

I added red sparkly balls through out the tree. I like the consistency they add to the tree since it is a mix of different colors and types of ornaments. 

I opted to not use our angel this year. It just didn't look right but obviously it needed some sort of topper and when I found this red sparkly star I knew it would be the perfect topper. 

Love it!

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  1. Both of my ornaments made the favorite list..i have such good taste. Hehe. I <3 ur tree.