Friday, December 10, 2010

Thankful for Surgery

Last week we got a phone call from Shriner's Hospital saying that Noah's pre-op was coming up and giving us the date and time for the pre-op. If you recall, originally Noah's Scoliosis surgery was going to be in December at Shriner's but Noah's doctor felt that was going to be too far away and that Noah couldn't wait that long and we found a different doctor and had the surgery in May. I had called and cancelled the surgery at Shriner's in June but I guess they didn't get it in all the records or whatever. 

Once we got all that straightened out, I laughed for a minute at the irony of the whole phone call and then I said a prayer of thanks. I honestly had forgotten he was supposed to have the surgery in December, so close to Christmas! We would have made the best of it, of course, but I am so thankful that Noah has already had the surgery, is doing so great, looks so great, and we are going into the holiday season rejoicing that, not barely starting his recovery process. 

And how adorable is he in that picture doing the angel choir boy pose. He melts my heart. Melts it.

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  1. me glad everything worked out in the end!!