Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Angel Choir Boy

Noah does this little pose that my Mom and I have nicknamed "the angel choir boy" pose. He'll take both his hands, put them together, then place them next to ear. At first I thought he was only doing it when he was tired but then I noticed he does it pretty frequently so I think it's just calming/safe to him.  Whatever the reason he does it - it's cute!

Once upon a time, having so many pics of Noah doing this might have bugged me. I was always looking for that "perfect" shot. Ya know, hands folded neatly in his lap or something. But now, photos like these that capture Noah as he truly is have become my favorites. 
Angel Choir Boy in the Mountains

Angel Choir Boy at Baseball

Angel Choir Boy at Easter

Angel Choir Boy at Special Olympics


  1. you are right, that pose does make for some cute photos!

  2. It seemed to be the position which he is most comfortable with, liked when he was in the womb.

  3. These make me so happy! You have no idea.

  4. I love the pic of him at Easter. If there is anything I learned with my four children is I'll never have a the perfect shot while trying for it.

    I love the shots of their personality showing through and if this is something that comforts him it is so wonderful that you know that.


  5. What a beautiful, angelic-looking child!

    My blog is all original inspirational writings. Stop by any time!


  6. Oh, he is such an angel. so sweet. I wake up this morning and thought I need to go check on Coley. Hope you have a great weekend.