Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Special Olympics

Noah was in the Special Olympics yesterday. His events were the 25 meter wheelchair race and the ball throw. He did the wheelchair race in one minute and one second and had a blast. The expressions on his face say it all.................

Getting a lil' pep talk from his "coach"

And their off!

He's so excited because he sees his Momma, Daddy, and Grandparents at the finish line!

Look at those lil' hands hard at work!

Granddad on the sidelines cheering him on

He's so so so proud of himself - and we are too!


  1. These pictures make my heart happy! What precious memories :)

  2. What great pictures - nearly made me cry seeing how proud he looks - and seeing Grandpa by his side as usual.

  3. How awesome! Congratulations Noah. :)

  4. He has a reason to be proud of himself and you of him. Great job Noah!