Friday, October 22, 2010

Melt Downs

If you are a Facebook friend of mine then you probably saw my posts over the weekend that Noah was having massive (autistic) stemmed) meltdowns. Basically, if the child was awake, he was melting down. He even woke up Sunday morning melting down.

It was bad. J and I were at our wits end. He had to work on Sunday evening which is not the norm so we knew that would throw Noah off even more (any break in routine is tough for him to deal with) so we called in the re-enforcements aka my parents. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) They came over right before J had to leave and Noah calmed down for a bit and I was able to think without the screaming going on and re-charge my batteries with a nice hot bath while he was safe and calm with my parents.

Monday brought about messages left for the doctor and then Tuesday was Noah’s parent/teacher conference. The sad thing was he really didn’t want us to go. I think he knew that we would not like what we heard. His behavior has been the same at school which is a smidge reassuring because it makes me feel like we’re not terrible parents and doing something wrong at home which is always my biggest fear.

Aside from the meltdowns his repetitious behaviors have been at an all time high and he just can’t seem to focus. It took him over an hour to cut out pictures of 2 fruits and 2 vegetables from magazines for a school project. That should normally take him about 20 minutes.

He has gained weight so we all thought that it probably has to do with him not receiving enough of his behavior medicine so per the doctor’s instructions we started giving him a higher dose of the meds on Wednesday. We should know in a week or so if the higher dose is doing the trick or not.

He did seem a little less stressed yesterday afternoon but still wasn’t back to his usual self yet. I’m hoping he’ll continue to improve on the higher dose and be in a good mood for his birthday party on Sunday!

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