Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Cute Ghostie Candle Holder

When I saw this vase in the store, my first thought was that it would make a really cute little ghost. So I bought the vase and brought it home to transform it.

Items Needed:
Glass vase or candle holder (I got my vase at the Dollar Store making this a very inexpensive project and decor item. )
Clear Matte Spray
White paint
Black cardstock
Mod Podge
Ribbion (optional)

How to:
1. Spray your vase with the clear matte spray. It's best to do this outside or in a well ventelated area because it is stinky! Let it dry. (I let it dry overnight.)
2. Paint the vase white. I just used white acrylic paint and I painted one coat, let it dry and then painted a second coat.
3. Cut out circles for the eyes and mouth. You could also do ovals. I just punched these out with my circle punch but if you don't have a circle punch you could free hand them instead.
4. Glue on the eyes and mouth using Mod Podge.
5. Cut your ribbon to fit the base and glue it on using Mod Podge. You could skip this step if you wanted to or you could add ribbon to both the bottom and the top of the vase.
6. Let the ribbon, eyes, and mouth dry then coat the entire vase with a thin layer or two of Mod Podge to seal it.

And now you have a cute ghostie candle holder.

By the way, to be completely safe I plan to use a battery operated candle inside my lil ghostie. And this project only cost me a whopping $1.00 since I had everything but the vase in my crafting stash.

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  1. You were right - that's a cool ghost - love the dollar store