Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Recap

Noah's birthday party was on Sunday. He did pretty well for it. It was a small family party which has become our custom as anything any bigger just stresses my boy out too much and being stressed out on your birthday is just not allowed. 

Although it's a very small party I do usually make an invitation and decorate. Here is this year's invitation.....

This year I decided to decorate the birthday mantel complete with a happy birthday banner I made, purple pumpkins, the Noah subway art I wrote about yesterday, some Clemson tigers, and balloons. 

Closeup of the pumpkins (one on each end of the mantel )
I spray painted them purple and then modge podged the letters or the picture on.

I made little masks out of scrapbooking paper for the Clemson tigers so they'd fit in with the Halloween theme.  

We had a "booffet" complete with "Tiger Brew" in the witch's cauldron, pimento and cheese sandwiches, turkey burger sliders, homemade spinach queso dip and chips, orange fruit dip, and more. 

Noah doesn't  like regular cake so I decided to  make a Rice Krispie Treat cake. It came out looking very homemade. I wasn't really happy with it but it was made with lots of love and most importantly Noah seemed to like it although I he wouldn't eat any of it at the party he did eat some later. 

As Always, Noah was spoiled for his birthday. He received a new Clemson comforter as his old one was a couple of years old and starting to show signs of wear and tear. 

He received books and 5 Clemson shirts! I think his favorite gift was probably his Sansa (a portable MP3 player) though, such a typical 14 year old gift, eh! It's purple and is decorated with orange Clesmon tiger paw decals. 

He had a great birthday!! 
More pics tomorrow!

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