Wednesday, March 7, 2012

JOY Prom

Last week Noah attended the JOY Prom. You may not have heard of JOY Prom so let me tell you a little more about it.....

JOY proms are for special needs high school students and young adults.  It is a movement that originally began in churches as a way to integrate the special needs population into churches and it has spread like wildfire and now other community organizations are picking up on it and organizing JOY proms in their communities. Proms are something most high school students are able to experience, it’s almost a rite of passage but it’s not something that all special needs people are able to experience and JOY proms are giving them this experience.

Special needs people in attendance are each paired with a volunteer “date” who helps them have an awesome time on their prom night. Upon arriving, the girls are whisked away for makeup and tiaras the boys get their shoes shined and boutonnieres. Then they walk down a red carpet where there is lots of cheering and applause. I think this was one of Noah’s favorite parts of the night!

Noah’s date was a sweet college student named Sam. There was a meet and greet the week before the prom in which the kids met their dates so that they would be a little familiar with them before the prom so Noah recognized Sam when she greeted him.  Sam and Noah danced the night away stopping for breaks to enjoy chicken nuggets and crackers.

The place where the JOY Prom was held was two stories so parents could go to the balcony and watch their children have fun from above while giving the kids space to enjoy the prom. Thirty minutes or so before the prom ended, parents were invited to come down and dance with their kids.

And now what you have probably been waiting for…. Pictures! I tried and tried and tried some more to get a picture of Noah smiling but he would not smile for the camera. He was a little overwhelmed with everything at first but all in all, he had a good time and was exhausted by the time we got him home!

Handsome in his suit

Yes, that's the "Angel Choir Boy" Pose in his suit!

Noah and Sam

Getting his boutonniere pinned on

Excited to be on the red carpet

Dancing the night away

Noah and Sam taking a break. 

Me and my handsome boy

All tuckered out at home after the prom! 


  1. Love, love, love. What an awesome thing. So glad you and Nono participated. Despite the fact that you couldn't get him to smile, they're still great pictures! <3 Love the one of you and your not-so-little boy. <3

  2. Coley....Noah looked so handsome. It was cool he got to attend such an awesome event. He date was pretty too. ~Sonya

  3. I love this too. What a fantastic event. Noah looks very handsome, even without the smile. It lifts my heart.