Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come On Dad

Noah said another sentence!  Noah asked J for something and J had told him just a minute and apparently J wasn’t being fast enough for Noah so he blurted out, “Come on Dad!” 

This was the first time he has ever called J Dad. He has been calling him “Daddy” for years but shortened it to Dad this time. It was very teenagerish. (So much of what Noah does is not age appropriate so when he acts like a teen I love it. Never thought you'd hear a parent say that, eh?)

As I mentioned before, Noah’s talking is not consistent at all and after fifteen years of just a handful of short words, every time Noah says something we are taken aback. J and I look at each other say “Did he just say…..”

We’re not really sure what has caused Noah to be forming more words and sentences. It could have something to do with the seizure but at the same time it could have nothing to do with the seizure and it could just be ironic that the talking began just two days after the grand mal. We’ll never really know for sure. And there’s no way to tell if this is something that is going to continue or not so we are just going to treasure it and celebrate each and every little sentence he utters for the small miracle it is.

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  1. Noah being here and being with the wonderful parents he has is a miracle too. I know how blessed you both feel to have him in your lives - just like I feel to know all of you! <3