Thursday, February 16, 2012

She's not Bad

In one of the follow up posts about Noah’s grand mal seizure I mentioned that since the seizure Noah had been blurting out some words. This has slowly continued. It is not consistent by any means but hey, we’ll take what we can get and are overjoyed at anything that comes out of his mouth.

Yesterday morning while I was getting Noah ready for school, I had let his puppy Paisley outside to take care of business and she began barking. Paisley rarely barks so I went to check on her and let her inside. She ran into Noah and was still barking and I said, “Paisley, stop barking. You are being a bad girl!”

Noah looks at me and says, “She’s not bad.” It was a little slurred together. I stopped and said “Did you just say she’s not bad.” He signed yes. Then he said “Nana, Nana.” (That’s not a new word, that’s one of the few words he’s consistently said for years now.”

After a minute, it dawned on me. Once when I had told Paisley she was a bad girl in front of my Mom, she said, “Paisley is not a bad girl, she is just behaving badly.” THAT is what we he was trying to tell me by saying “She’s not bad.”

I don’t know if/how long/how much will come of Noah’s talking, but I’m treasuring every single word and the deeper glimpses I’m getting of my son’s personality through his words.


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