Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Picking Out his Tie

Tomorrow night Noah will be attending PROM! I know, it seems early for prom not only in early in the year as most proms are usually in April or May but also early age wise since technically he is only a freshmen but this is a special prom. It is called JOY Prom and is a community wide prom for special needs high school age students and young adults with special needs. Each child has a "date" who is a college aged trained volunteer.  There will be hair & make up for the ladies, shoe shines for the guys, a red carpet, and more. I have been looking at other JOY Proms across the country from previous years and they really seem to go all out for these kids! 

I had already signed him up to go and was talking to my Mom about everything when she reminded me that my brother didn’t want to go to his prom so I got a little worried because I realized I didn’t really give Noah a choice. (Bad Momma moment, I know!) So I asked him and he definitely wanted to go! He loves the school dances he has attended thus far and as I explained Prom is a fancier version of the dances so he is pretty excited to go.

Originally we were going to borrow a suit from a friend for Noah to wear but when that fell through we decided to just rent a suit. We wanted to save the tux for his senior year. So we went and had him fitted for the suit and will pick it up later today. 

We let Noah choose the tie
and you won’t be surprised to know that he chose an orange one! 

He’s going to look so handsome in his suit! 

(And yes, I’ll post some pictures sometime after!)

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