Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter 2012 Parent/Teacher Conference

In the 15 years I have been Noah’s Momma Bear I have attended many Parent/Teacher conferences. In fact, I have come to dread them. It seemed like all they would do is tell me all the things Noah couldn’t do or was doing wrong. I’d usually go home and cry after them.

Tuesday we had the winter Parent/Teacher conference with Noah’s teacher and let me just tell you it was the best conference I have attended. He’s had the same teacher for several years now so we have had conferences with her before and she is usually pretty good at giving us a mixture of the good and bad. But this time, she honestly had hardly anything bad to say and she just couldn’t stop gushing about how good Noah is doing.

My baby has gone from being a problem child with big time behavior issues to one of the leaders and helpers in the class. He is working on the computer independently (yes, ALL. BY. HIMSELF.) for 20-30 minutes at a time. We got to watch him work on the program and I was really impressed.  There was one point where he was about to get an answer wrong and he realized it and corrected himself with no prompting.

One of my favorite stories his teacher told us is that Noah is responsible for recycling the plastics in the classroom and will put them in a recycling bin that is in between two classrooms. When he first started doing it, he would take his teacher’s soda bottle when it was full! It made me giggle because I can just see him doing that – he did the same thing when he was learning to conserve energy by turning off the lights.  He’d turn the lights off when we were in the room so we had to quickly add “when no one is in the room” to that and his teacher has quickly had to add “when the bottles are empty” to his current task.

These may seem like small things to some parents but to us they are HUGE things. I’m always proud of my boy – but today I’m even more proud than usual. (If that’s possible!)

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  1. This is a beautiful post! I know how you feel about 'bad' parent teacher conferences. The first two years with Jordan the teachers would have kleenex handy when I walked in the room because I would just cry. I hate hearing about how my kid is struggling. Now I have a bit more control but my eyes well up each time. Good feed back bad feed back I about cry. My poor kid! LOL