Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mamarazzi Defined

I always get a good chuckle when people tell me not to forget pictures when something big or semi-big is going to be happening. I chuckle because I take my camera almost everywhere with me. Seriously, I think it drives J nuts sometimes! My camera even has a name. (It’s Sonia in case you were wondering.) And sometimes I even have two cameras with me!

My Dad has calls me the Mamarazzi. When he sees me walking towards him and Noah with my camera, he’ll say “Noah, here comes the mamarazzi!”

If you have never heard of a Mamarazzi, quite simply it’s the Mom version of the paparazzi.  Quite simply it is the Mom version of paparazzi.

I love the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Mamarazzi.
1. Mothers who constantly follow their children around with several cameras snapping photos at each turn and documenting each milestone or event with at least two dozen photos.
2. Groups of aforementioned mothers
3. When referring to yourself as described above 
Yep, sounds like me!

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  1. Definitely sounds like you. We love the pictures!