Monday, March 5, 2012

A New Quote Box

I love quotes. You may have gathered that now by my Quote of the Week posts every Sunday. Quotes inspire me, give me hope and a fresh perspective, and sometimes make me feel less alone. 

I have a quote box which is basically just a recipe box that is filled with index cards that have hand written quotes on them sorted by subjects. I’m sure there is a more high tech way to keep up with quotes I like and I do pin some that I come across but there is something I just love and enjoy about this old school way of keeping up with meaningful quotes. 

I’ve had my current quote box for quite awhile and it was starting to fall apart and wasn’t looking so good so I decided it was time for a new one. 

I spotted these plain, boring wooden recipe boxes at Michael’s and knew it would be the perfect quote box once I decorated it. I chose to do it in teal, black, and white so that it would match my creative studio which is where it will live. 

I painted it teal and then decopauged on some black and white scrapbook paper. I cut the word "quotes" in teal with my Silhouette and glued those on. I completed it with some ribbon and a teal flower. I love how it turned out! 

I decided it also needed some new dividers so I traced the old dividers and created new ones using different black and white patterned scrapbook paper.

Now I have a beautiful box to store meaningful quotes!

You could totally do something similar for recipes or even addresses and phone numbers but just change the colors to match your decor and style!

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  1. So cute!! Love the simplicity of this!! Visiting from TT&J Weekend Wrap Up!! Thanks for sharing!