Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Year's Thankful Frame

Last year, I made a thankful frame but I didn't do such a hot job of packing it and it was cracked when I pulled it out this year so I decided to make a new one but went about it a smidge differently.

I decided not to paint or decorate the frame so that I could easily use it for other holidays and everyday. It was so simple it feels like I'm cheating by calling it a craft. I simply found a fall themed piece of scrapbooking paper that I liked, opened a Word Document and typed "Thankful for" in a font I liked and then printed it on to the scrapbook paper. I popped it in the frame and called her done!

I've got a dry erase marker sitting behind the frame and we will change what we are thankful for every day.

Simple, inexpensive, and meaningful!

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  1. I like "simple, inexpensive, and meaningful." Sounds like a craft made for me! :)