Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Noah the Artist

Over the years I have tried to get Noah to do artsy/craftsy type projects with me but he has never really enjoyed them or shown much interest.

Recently, he came home from school excited because he had painted in art class that day. So I decided to buy a cheap set of watercolors and see if he would like to paint with them at home. He loved it!

If he enjoys painting, I really want to do all I can to facilitate that and encourage Noah. I feel like he is so limited in ways to express himself and this could be a great form of therapy for him. But I felt like he was pretty limited after awhile because we only had 5 colors in the watercolors I had bought. My Mom wanted to get him some art supplies for his birthday so she and I hit Michael's and went a tad crazy buying several different paint sets, a variety of brushes, and some pads of paper to paint on.

The other night, he wanted to paint but it was getting close to bedtime and he'd already had a bath and was in his jammies. He had not had a chance to try out any of his new paints yet though so I decided to let him paint for a few minutes with one of the new paint sets that are actually "paint markers." You don't need a brush with them and you just simply hold the bottle pointed down on your paper and gently squeeze and the paint comes out. He loved doing this and was so happy. I was able to snap a few pictures while he was hard at work painting his (abstract) masterpiece.

Check out that huge smile - it melts my heart to see him happy and doing something he enjoys!

Recently I have been looking for adaptive art blogs and websites for ideas for painting projects that could be adapted to Noah's ability. We have completed one such project so far that I will be sharing soon. If you know of any sites or blogs with adaptive art ideas for special needs childre, I'd love to know about them! I'll also be adding a new category to the side bar titled "special needs art" so if others are looking for adaptive art ideas here, they can easily be found. 


  1. That smile melts me too. Makes me so happy to see him happy!! <3 (Great pics as always, by the way.)

  2. Love the look on his face of total enjoyment ... and the paint markers are a great idea!

    I read this blog called Junior's Amazing Journey ( and she has adapted a lot of things for Junior (he actually paints with a device that holds the paintbrush in a strap across his head and he moves his forehead to do his paintings; they are wonderful!) She has another blog called Adaptions 4 Kidz ( showing all the ways she adapts things for Junior.

  3. he looks so happy to be doing that! his smile is infectuous

  4. Isn't is wonderful how something so simple can bring such joy into our lives? So glad you found those for him.

    We use those Bingo marker pens on large sketchpads at our house ...