Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grandma's Dressing

Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am the person responsible for making the dressing (we don’t call it stuffing because it doesn’t go IN the turkey) in my immediate family. I use my Grandmother’s (my Dad’s Mom) recipe although it wasn’t ever really a “recipe.” It was more add some of this, add a bit of that, and a little of this, and a taste of this. But I have perfected it in my own way over the years.

I’ve never seen or tasted another dressing quite like this one. It has rice in it along with the cornbread which I think makes it totally unique.

To be quite honest, it’s a pain in the bootay to make! You have to cook the rice, cook the corn bread, boil eggs, boil celery and onions, etc. etc. It freezes beautifully so at Thanksgiving I always make a double batch, and then just freeze a portion of it for Christmas dinner. It just wouldn’t be the holidays without this dressing!

I’m sure there are short cuts I could take or perhaps a simpler recipe I could try but I’m not going to mess with something so good plus since it is a family recipe it has more meaning to me.

My Mom always makes her Mom’s sweet potato casserole so with that and the dressing on the table, we have a little piece of past generations with us each year at the dinner table.

Do you have a family recipe you that it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without making it?

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