Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Turn the Lights Off, Mom!

Every morning after Noah is dressed and in his wheelchair, we head to the living room to wait on the school bus. I purposely leave on the lights in my bedroom, the hallway, and Noah's room. Once I start to walk into the living room, Noah who is noticing I have left the lights on (and has recently learned about conserving energy) will say "Momma!" in this fussing like tone and then go turn the lights off.

Yes, I could just turn the lights off myself but this A. gives him something to do that kills a few minutes of time instead of just sitting there waiting on the bus, B. gives him a small task in which I can say "Good job, Noahie!" and C. it's just cute! There was a time he couldn't do this and it's nice to seem him have a bit of pride and  independence.


  1. I love this for all 3 of your reasons. And tell Noah that I always turn off lights, too.

  2. @Grammy, Thanks!! I typically turn the lights off myself but leave them on on purpose for Noahie in the mornings!

  3. I like the way you think. Way to go, Noah!

    We love our everyday victories too.

  4. You brought a big, warm smile to me with this post. Thanks!