Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Noah's Orange Tree

On Friday, we put up Noah's orange Clemson tree. He is so excited to have it back in his room again this year!

Once again all of the ornaments are sports themed, Clemson themed, or orange and purple.

I love that he loves it.


  1. That is an awesome Christmas tree!! You can see how much he loves it in the photos!

  2. OH my goodness!! HOW ADORABLE!!!! You said he had a "orange tree" - but I didn't picture a "ORANGE tree" LOL!!! I love it!!!! How cute is he!?!? This just made my week! I wish I had sent the "first" ornament I was going to send... maybe I'll go back and get it -.... YEP! I think I will!

    Have an ENJOYABLE week!!!