Friday, November 25, 2011

The "Yay, it's the Christmas Season" Tradition

My Mom has a tradition that I love. (Confession: I love just about any tradition that involves presents.) My Mom doesn’t like to give us Christmas things (ornaments, decorations, shirts, etc) for Christmas because we have to wait a whole year to be able to use them. So, years back she started a tradition where she gives us a gift on Thanksgiving Day that I have dubbed the “Yay, it’s the Christmas season gift.” It could be any of the afore mentioned things like ornaments, Christmas clothes, decorations, and what not.

Since my Momma is the queen of gift baskets and usually makes me a gift basket for just about every holiday, I received a cute green and red gift basket yesterday full of little Christmas trinkets. My favorite thing in the basket was the gingerbread man and woman salt and pepper shakers. (I collect salt and pepper shakers.)

Anyways, it’s a fun little tradition to celebrate the start of the Christmas season. Do you have any fun traditions to celebrate the upcoming holidays?

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