Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp Day 1: Ivory

Before Noah's surgery I signed up for Creativity Boot Camp. I view myself as a creative person but thought it would be cool to challenge myself creatively. When I realized the dates with Noah's surgery and hospital stay would overlap Creativity Boot Camp I considered dropping out but then realized that I could always just do the assignments later if I needed to. For now, I am going to attempt to stay on track but if things become more hectic with Noah I'll go on my own pace.

Each day we are given thoughts for the day, a journaling prompt, and then an assignment that is a word. We are to portray that word in our medium. My medium will be photography so I can do it easily from the hospital. As long as I'm keeping up on time, I'll post my assignment photos here.

Today's word was ivory. The first thing that popped to my head when I read the word ivory was piano keys. The second thing that popped into my head was the beautiful "magic" piano in the hospital lobby. (We call it a "magic" piano because it is one of those pianos that can play on it's own and Noah thinks it is magic.) Later I trekked down to the lobby and took some photos of the piano. People at the hospital looked at me like I was NUTS when I was taking the photos but oh well, I was pleased with the results. 

Below is my interpretation of  ivory. (Click pics if you want to see bigger.)


  1. Beautiful. I love the contrast of the bright pink on the stark black and white.

  2. Coley, I know EXACTLY the piano you are talking about! LOL!Faith is always interested in it whenever we have to go in by the business office to register for "junk"!

  3. you did a beautiful job! love this!