Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hospital Photo Walk

I meant to post these photos earlier and just got busy with Noah and forgot. But one day while my BFF was here for Noah's surgery, we took a break from sitting in the hospital room, grabbed our cameras, Sonia and Katie (yes, we named our cameras) and took a walk through the main floor of the hospital and took pictures of interesting things.

I've been to this hospital many, many times before. It's where I sat in the high risk unit for 4 weeks waiting for Noah to be born. It's where Noah was born and where he was in the NICU for 4 weeks. There are some newer parts to the hospital, like the Children's floors and the lobby has been re-done but it all just looks different and more exciting when you are seeing it through the lens of your camera. 

 View as you are walking in the main doors

 Beautiful fountain in the hotel lobby with the gift shop in the background
 A fish in the huge fish tank
 The hallways had different names......
This isn't the best photo but the background that the words are on is made up of little thumbnail size pictures of people who work at the hospital.
Love the colorful ceiling - leads to the children's floor

Statue in front of the elevators to the children's floors

Last but not least, my BFF. Check out the awesome floor behind her.


  1. Awe, I know those spots very well myself! Faith has two little gifts from that gift shop when she was in the hospital in 2004. Actually we are going to be there on Tues for an MRI. It is beautiful but I do hate to go there!