Thursday, June 3, 2010

Noah's Recovery - Update # 6 - Another Day, Another IV

Update number 6 and still on day 6.....

In my last update I mentioned I was going to the doctor. I did. I have a severe sinus infection and my white blood cell count was elevated which means I have some other type of infection. I'm now on antibiotics for the infection and sinus meds for the sinus problems. Geesh! I can't stay with my baby tonight either....

In my last update I also mentioned that they had taken blood from Noah to do cultures. I wanted to explain that a little more in depth. With those it takes 24 hours to get the first set of results, 48 hours to get the next set, and then 72 hours for the final set.

The surgeon came in this afternoon and thinks that other than the pneumonia and the issues it is creating and the temperature, Noah looks good. He thinks his back looks good. He said that if it were an infection in the spine or incision we would probably see some drainage, redness, tenderness, etc. and he doesn't see any of that. I thought that was good news. I'd hate for it to be something related to the spine and they have to operate again!!

They finally were ready to get the second antibiotic going when they realized the IV wasn't in properly. It was leaking. I don't think it was his fault this time. Poor guy - he has had 6 IVs in since he has been here plus an art. line since he has been here.

Noah's tempeature is like a roller coaster - it started out the day at 102.4, made it to 100.8, then 99.8, and is now back up at 100.8.


  1. Gosh, Coley! What a roller coaster of a hospital stay! Will be saying some extra prayers for you and for Noah! When Faith was 10 months old, we spent 11 days in GMH, it was so hard! I feel like that hospital and the area round it is our second home!

    We are in Gville regularly, at least 3 or 4 times a month!

  2. You're such a good mommy. You and Noah are so brave.