Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Noah's Recovery - Update # 4 - Worn Out!

Not a good night/day for Noahie.We are both exhausted.  Last night around midnight his oxygen levels started slipping down to about 83-86%. They put him back on oxygen but it was still a battle to keep his oxygen levels above 90 so they called the doctor on call and the respiratory therapist. I did not sleep a wink last night because I was holding that oxygen near his mouth because he wouldn't keep it on his face. The doctor on call kept wanting to put an IV back in "just in case" every time his oxygen levels slipped below 90 and finally after a couple of nurses and I talked to him about how hard it is to keep an IV in Noah and talked him out of it for the "just in case" reason.

This morning Noah's regular doctor came in and was concerned about the oxygen so he ordered a chest x-ray. My Mom got here a little bit after that and I snoozed for an hour or so on the bed while she held the oxygen to Noah's face. When I woke up, Noah wanted a position change and asked for his shirt to be changed too so we gave him a little sponge bath and changed him. That's when we noticed how warm he was and that he had a fever! At that point, I got a pit in my stomach thinking that he might have pneumonia. Noah's always been super healthy and never really had pneumonia a lot like some other special needs kids I know of who seem to get it pretty frequently and I've read about so many special needs kids (who have compromised immune systems) getting pneumonia after surgery. My fears were confirmed later this afternoon with the x-ray. He has pneumonia. They are going to start him on IV antibiotics for it. They are also going to give him something to help him sleep tonight  - hopefully this will help because he did not sleep Sunday night or Monday night and he has only taken short little ten minute cat naps during the day. 

So, keep those prayers coming! Will update more tomorrow. 


  1. We were in Greenville today at Shriner's and I was thinking of you and mr. Noah! We are sending good thoughts and prayers your way....

  2. Kelsies 1st mommyJune 6, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    Thinking about you and Noah. I am praying for him and you.