Monday, May 31, 2010

Noah's Recovery - Update # 3 and Cards

Today has been another long day but I see lots of improvements in Noah from yesterday. And I got to hold him today! It felt a bit like holding my baby for the first time all over again. (haha) He pulled the IV out again so they decided just to leave it out and let him have whatever he wants to eat and drink so he has had some (cheese) crackers, tiger juice (orange Gatorade), and half of a PB&J sandwich. We also got a reclining wheelchair from physical therapy and he took a wheelchair ride. 

Thank you to all of you who sent cards thus far. Noah has looked at some of them and he has really enjoyed it. When he is being read different cards are some of the moments I notice cracks of smiles on his face. He has gotten so many different cards and many cards that have dogs, animals, etc on them. We have been tracking the states that the cards come from and he has ten states thus far. We've got a laminated map with happy face stickers in each state Noah's received a card from. We have been putting them up around the room and it sure is making the room a brighter, cheerier place! There are some on the wall right across from Noahie's bed and I have noticed him looking at them a couple of times.

He got one very special package from the folks at Clemson! It contained a football signed by the head coach and a tiger rag that was signed by the entire team along with a card with a tiger on it from the Athletics Director. Very cool stuff!  

Our church had all the kids in Sunday school make him a card so my parents brought back a milk crate full of cards. I have laughed many times reading some of the cute things the kids wrote on the cards. My favorite is one that has a picture of the Clemson football team with Noah as the quarterback. Super creative.

Please keep the cards coming! If you need the address or want a flyer check out the Card Drive Post.  Keep the prayers coming too!


  1. hey Coley! That is fantastic that he got out a little! LOVE all the wonderful cards he has gotten, I am sure they are a comfort. Wow, it sure was nice of the Athletic dept at Clemson to send him all that nice stuff! I think I recognize that water fountainn and gift shop in the background! LOL!

  2. Oh Coley!!! This post makes me almost cry!!! If I was not at the public library...I probably would be crying!!! I will try and see if my friends on the west coast can send a card so that noah gets some cards from that side of the country!!!

  3. So great to see a new face at MMM! :) I hope Noah will be back home again very soon -- he sounds a lot like my oldest (pulling out the IV is one of her favorite hospital tricks too :D )

    Love the card wall -- you've got quite the fan club there, Noah ;)

    ~Michelle@ 5MFSN