Friday, May 28, 2010

This Momma's Prayer

In just a little bit we will drive to the hospital for Noah's surgery. It's very scary and my heart just wants to hold my baby tight and never let another doctor touch him but my head knows that isn't what Noah needs so forward we go.

I am comforted constantly by my God and his promises. 
He made me for this. He will be with my Noah. 

This is my prayer for Noah today......

Heavenly Father,

Please watch over my precious son today,
You have always done this anyway.

All alone on the operating table he appears to be, 
But in my heart, I know there are angels human eyes can't see.

Please guide the doctors hands just right,
And never let them out of your sight.

If my baby's afraid, please keep him near,
With you in his heart, he will have no fear.

I anxiously pace the waiting room floor,
Waiting for the doctor to come through the door.

My faith is in You and I know everything will be just fine,
Because you are always with me and this child of mine.



  1. We are thinking of you and Noah, today, I know it will be rough but you have lots of people praying. My hubby is a USC fan,so no orange for us but I will wear it in my heart. LOL!

  2. I'm praying and crying. It's going to be alright.

  3. I am praying for you and Noah (and the doctors); everyone who comes into contact with you and the family---especially Noah.

    I've also put the card word out on Facebook. A link to your blog.

    Lisa Phelps

  4. Dear Nicole,

    We've never met but my friend, Shonna Kuhner, sent me this link so that I might be praying for your son, Noah. Which I am doing right now and I will continue to lift him up before our Heavenly Father as well as you.

    My daughter underwent heart surgery and I remember how hard the waiting was. I was really touched by your poem and also your post about being "made for this". I struggle often with those same feelings (my daughter was born with Down Syndrome) but even as you wait for Noah to come through surgery again you have touched the life of another mother who needed to hear "I was made for this". Thank you and may our God hold you and Noah in His arms today and always.


    Patricia Brown

  5. My family and I are praying for Noah and your whole family.
    I posted your "Pray for Noah" button on my blog! Everything will be okay- trust in the Lord.