Saturday, May 29, 2010

Noah's Recovery - Update # 1

It's the day after surgery and Noah is doing ok......

Surgery went well. They think he straightened up pretty nicely. He did lose more blood than expected and required all the blood we had (we prefer doing family directed donations) in reserve for him. (Which means that my brother has not stopped telling me how great Noah's blood now is. haha) 

We (he and I) hardly slept last night. He pulled out both IV's and then the art line just stopped working so they had to take it out. Then he pulled his oxygen off too. It was lovely. 

He was in the Pediatric ICU yesterday and although it was a bit rushed we are now in a regular room.

We showed him a couple of cards last night. He cracked a smidge of a smile at one of the cards. We have taped up some around the room to decorate and make it bright and cheery in here.

Keep the prayers and thoughts coming. Although surgery is over and went well, the hard part (a long recovery) has only just begun.

(The socks are on his hands in the photo so that he won't pull off the IV's.)


  1. Oh, thank you for the update. Noah has been on my mind all day. We'll keep the prayers coming.

  2. Been thinkin' about you all and so glad to hear that he did well in surgery! I know the hard part is just beginning so hear's to a quick recovery! Hugs!

  3. God Bless you all! I will keep praying for you...