Sunday, May 30, 2010

Noah's Recovery -- Update # 2

So we are now on day number 2 after surgery. Noah had a rough night last night. His heart rate was elevated, his belly was extended, he pulled his IV out again, and he got little sleep. Today, has been much of the same. He is FINALLY resting right now. We have tried to slowly start elevating the bed today but that caused him to be in too much pain so we stopped. I think Noah is going to have to take things more slowly than other children who may have had this surgery and that is ok by me. I certainly don't want him to be pushed into things before he is ready. I will guide, encourage, and urge him but push him - no.

I can't really tell how straight his back is yet. The dressing is still on the incision so I haven't seen that yet either. I have seen his chest though and nearly cried tears of joy when I noticed that his rib doesn't poke out anymore! (It poked out because of how crooked his spine was.) I got teary eyed when I saw that the rib isn't poking out  anymore. Thank you Jesus! 

And yes, I am trying to take care of myself and rest too. J stayed with Noah last night and I went to my parents' house and slept for a few hours. I'm not sure which of us will be staying tonight. I am getting sick of hospital food though. Yucky! 


  1. Hugs and all my love sweetie!!! I know this is difficult, but you have TONS of prayer support! Text or call if you need ANYTHING!!


  2. I think you are doing the right thing, Coley! It's ok to be patient! I bet you can't wait to get a good look at his back and see everything and all the changes. Praying still here in the mountains...

  3. Coley, I know it's rough going right now, but remember God made you for this ! You are a wonderful Mother and Noah is so blessed to have such a loving family. I pray God's riches blessings on you and your entire family!
    So many folks are holding you all up in prayer!
    Love to you all !!