Thursday, May 13, 2010

Noah's Surgery - Some of your Questions Answered

I've gotten some questions lately about Noah's surgery so I thought I'd answer them here because chances are if one person has them - others might to.

Q: When is his surgery again?
A: Friday, May 28th

Q: What exactly are they going to do?
A: They will be inserting a steel rod in his spine to help straighten it. It is very curved now and while this won't straighten it completely it will hopefully help a lot.

Q: How long is the surgery?
A: About 7-8 hours

Q; How long will Noah be in the hospital?
A: It just varies on how well he does with everything but we are hoping for about two weeks. Could be as short as 10 days, could be as long as 1-2 months.

Q: Is there anything we can do?
A: Well, pray! We are also setting up a PO Box because so many internet friends are wanting to send cards. I will post all of that information for you tomorrow!

Q: How can we get information about Noah's condition during surgery and recovery?
A: Some have suggested I start a caring bridge page or a blog for Noah and while both of those are great ideas, I think I'll just stick with this blog so I don't have one more thing to keep up with. I will probably post quick updates on Facebook and then explain more here in the blog since this is also my way of journaling.

That's it for now but if you have more questions email or leave them in a comment and I'll get them answered soon! :)


  1. Praying praying!!! Love you, hun!

  2. I don't pray for much very often... but I have definitely been praying for you, J and Noah. Everything will be fine Coley :) It'll work out!! *Hugs*

  3. Prayers up up and away !!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all so much. I'll be closing a bank and most likly explaning to everyone around why I'm so distracted from work and eager to leave. WEARING MY Orange.

  4. We attend Brookwood and often see Noah but we have never spoken. As a parent, my heart goes out to you. We'll be praying for Noah, your family and for the doctors and nurses who will care for him with compassion and skill. The kids in our ministry team will be sending cards! Looking forward to the day his smile brightens Brookwood again!

  5. Coley, Thinking of you this morning and what your family faces today.

    I feel as though I don't pray often - but have been praying for you all - hoping for the best possible outcome, the least amount of hospital and recovery time and certainly the least amount of pain and discomfort for Noah.

    May His strength get you through today and the days ahead.

    Much love and hugs