Friday, May 14, 2010

Noah's Card Drive

In 2002 Noah had surgery on his heel cords and hips. While it wasn't as long of a surgery, hospital stay, and recovery as this surgery will be, it was still difficult for all of us, mostly Noah though. My niece, Holly, came up with the idea of doing a "card drive" for Noah as a way to show him how much he is loved and cared for. Basically what the card drive consisted of was setting up a PO Box and spreading the word by asking people to send cards to that address for Noah.

When I was telling Holly about this surgery she suggested a card drive again and I agreed. Noah's older now and LOVES to receive mail so I think he will actually enjoy getting cards even more this time.

So once again we've set up a PO Box and are spreading the word about the card drive.

I know some of you will want to help spread the word so I've made an e-flyer and blog buttons (posted below) that you can post on your blog if you are a fellow blogger and want to do so and you can email the flyer to friends and family if you are not a fellow blogger. Feel free to link people to this post as well. 

(I also have a printable version of the flyer - if you'd like that email me or leave a comment with your email address in it.) 

Send cards for Noah to:
The Noah C. Card Drive
PO Box 1085
Inman, SC 29349.

You should be able to click on them and save them directly to your computer. If you have problems with that, let me know! There are two different versions - both totally the same but with different pictures at the top. 

Blog Buttons
(One with and one without my blog address. You can link them back to this post.)

PS.... If you post this on your blog, leave me a link so I can come say thanks. :)

ETA: Yes, you can begin sending cards NOW. You don't have to wait till the 28th. We won't show them to Noah until after his surgery when he is feeling up to it. 



  2. We are in! Tafari and I will make cards tonight!!

  3. Dear Noah, A sunny and friendly hug and good wishes for you from South Africa (Durban). Get better soon and then come visit us here. In the meantime while you are in bed getting better get mom to put the tv on the soccer world cup here in South Africa. Love Tertia and her little girl

  4. Hi Nicole! Just found you from another bloggers site. We live in Salem not too far from you guys! Our daughter, Faith, has CP, too, she is six. Is Noah having his surgery at Shriners? Faith had gastrocs release and tendon transfers in Nov. at Shriners. We will be saying extra prayers that his surgery goes smoothly and he has as little pain as possible. I am going to follow you so we can keep up with how he is doing. Hugs and LOTS of prayers!

  5. Here's the link to my blog posting about the card drive:

  6. Here's my post, will be praying!

  7. Hi Noah,
    Greetings from Nebraska. My neice sent us your link and we wanted you to know that we are praying for you and your family at this tough time of recovery. I was a pediatric nurse a long time ago and I know your surgery was a big one. Hang in there little buddy and know God has his angles all around you. Just look into the eyes of your favorite nurse. Hugs to you all
    Beth Rowse

  8. Anything else we can send, like toys, games, candy, etc? I'd love to send something!

  9. He loves books, stickers, and Rice Krispy Treats. :)