Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Steps

Well the past few days have continued to be a mix of ups and downs. On Wednesday, Noah had a really bad day with lots of meltdowns and fussing all day long. It was rough. Thursday was a smidge better but he still had meltdowns and lots of fussing just not as much as Wednesday. Yesterday (Friday) was a bit better than Thursday with only one meltdown. He seemed pretty tired yesterday and spent a lot of time in bed just watching his favorite Sesame Street videos.

Noah will sit in the (reclining) wheelchair for a bit and then get tired and have to switch to the bed for awhile. Then I'll get him back out of bed to sit in the wheelchair for a bit more and it goes like that throughout the day. 

As the doctor ordered at the follow up on Monday, we have been getting Noah to sit in the wheelchair in a more upright position a little bit each day. We started off with just a minute and are slowly increasing it each day. Yesterday he managed to sit in the wheelchair in an upright position for about 2 - 3 minutes with no fussing! He did fuss a second when I went to put the wheelchair upright but once there he sat and listened to my Mom sing to him. He was actually in a really good mood and gave us lots of smiles and giggles just like the old Noah. It's a baby step but definitely one in the right direction.


  1. glad to hear that your Mom's singing cheered him up. That made me smile! I am new to your blog, I have been here a few times and I will be back...great blog! you are an inspiration!

  2. Ugg, I know it must be so tough and slow progress. Noah, keep it up, kiddo!

  3. Oh, baby steps are everything. So glad he's taken these ones.