Friday, June 11, 2010

Very, Very Slow

Today was a little bit better than yesterday. It's still exhausting and overwhelming at times of course and I'm sure it will be for awhile.

Noah and I both slept late (although he was up from midnight to 2 AMish) but I think the extra sleep helped my mood immensely. I just needed some extra sleep to make up for all that I lost when Noah was in the hospital and when I was sick. Noah's little body needs the extra sleep as well. Even after he woke up he stayed in the bed with J and watched videos. He got used to J being around a lot when he was off during Noah's surgery and hospitalization and he's missing him again now that he's back working so he wanted to just be near him and luckily J can sleep through just about everything. 

My Mom was telling me how long it took her to recover from her knee replacement surgery and how weird it felt to have something foreign and not her own in her knee. I don't know how much Noah can comprehend about their being something foreign in his body - if he realizes that there is actually a rod and screws in there - but I'm sure it feels different and weird to him. And all of that just reaffirmed that this will be a very, very, very slow recovery. I gotta pull my patience out of my pocket but I know we will get there eventually.

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  1. He is such a trooper! My mom is on the mend from knee replacement surgery right now! Keep it up, Noah!