Saturday, June 5, 2010

Noah's Recovery - Update # 8

Well, we are on day 8 and IV number 7....

He went one whole day without being stuck but it decided to stop working at about 6 AM this morning as the nurse was trying to give him a dose of antibiotics through the IV. It took three tries to find a vein that would take the IV. His poor veins are shot.

This morning when Noah's surgeon came by to check on him I told him about giving Noah a shower yesterday and how straight he looked and how it brought tears to my eyes. He thought this was wonderful and then shared with me that he saw Dr. P yesterday. (Dr P is the original doctor from Shriner's that we saw in January but suggested we see other doctors since he could not do the surgery until December.) He showed Dr. P the before and after x-rays of Noah's surgery and Dr. P was amazed at how straight he was. Apparently Noah's surgeon is using a method that Dr. P has not tried yet and he was even going to sit in on Noah's surgery last Friday to watch this new method in action but got called away. This was reassurance to me that we made the right decision. I had some qualms initially about not having the surgery done at Shriner's because they specialize in these types of surgeries and working with children like Noah but that was God letting me know that we made the best decision for Noah by choosing to use the surgeon we did. 

The fever is still up/down and up/down. It's so frustrating. We still don't know what is causing it. All the tests for infection and what not are coming back normal according to his surgeon so he ask the pediatrician to come back in. He did and still thinks it is because of the pneumonia yet his lungs sound clear and his oxygen levels are pretty normal without receiving additional oxygen. So, if the fever continues to spike up and down we may repeat the chest x-rays tomorrow. 

My niece has been busy with work the past few days and hasn't been able to bring cards down here but she was off today and made her way here with A LOT of cards and some packages, Apparently Noah was receiving SO many cards that the post office gave him a free upgrade from a small box to a big locker for all those cards and packages.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each of you who have sent cards. No, it's not too late to send cards - Noah will spend most of the summer at home recovering so keep them coming. You can find the address and more information here. I have been so touched at how many of the cards are so personal including orange and purple colors in the cards, tigers, Clemson, dogs, the Beatles, baseball, etc... I will try and share some photos and details of some of the stand out cards in an upcoming post. We currently have cards from 26 states - we have a map and are putting a smiley face sticker in each state he receives a card from; fun and educational for Noah all at the same time.


  1. Great, it sounds like he doing better! Glad to hear that everyone thinks that his surgery was a great success! Thrilled for him! Hugs from Oconee Co!

  2. Glad Noah is doing better each day. And very happy to hear that so many people have sent him cards. Is it OK for me to copy part of your blog about how many cards he received and give you credit? I will also include a link to your blog. If not, I will just put the link. Thanks.