Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Year Post Scoliosis Surgery

One year ago today Noah had his Scoliosis surgery. (This is the post I wrote one year ago today in the wee hours of the morning before waking Noah up and driving to the hospital. It brought tears to my eyes to re-read it.) Oh what a scary and stressful time and experience that was. At times it seems like such a distant memory that it feels like it was years ago while at other times I can recall all the nervous and scared feelings like it was just yesterday. Thankfully to Jesus, our friends and family, all of those who prayed and sent cards to Noah via his card drive, we made it through that experience. 

One year post surgery, Noah is doing GREAT! He rarely has pain anymore. He'll wince occasionally when he is lifted and sometimes his back will bother him if it rains or is very cold and the doctor said that those are little things he might have to deal with for the rest of his life but the improvement is so drastic and great that I think dealing with that is worth it. 

And you may be wondering how will we celebrate this one year post surgery milestone? Well, Noah said he wanted Rice Krispie treats so we'll be toasting those! 

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