Friday, May 27, 2011

On Forgetting

Every Friday, I'm joining other bloggers for 5 Minute Friday (hosted by Gypsy Mama) to take just five uninterrupted minutes to write from the heart. 

This week's prompt: On Forgetting

There are so many things in life that I want to forget like failing geometry in high school, a speeding ticket, or all the dumb mistakes I made in my youth. 

But as I always am in life, I'd rather focus on the positive and in this case the things I do not want to forget. There are certain moments in time I live over in my head and my heart on occasion to make sure they are never forgotten and embedded into my mind for life. 

I hope I never forget the overwhelming love I felt the first time I saw Noah. Here I was, practically just meeting the little boy, and the overwhelming love I felt for him almost knocked me over. I hope I never forget his tiny fingers and precious little newborn nose an how he was so anxious to be in the world that he came so early. I hope I never forget those weeks of worry spent in the NICU and then the pride and joy I felt finally felt when we were released to go home, such a simple milestone for most babies. 

And even though it is bittersweet to remember, I hope I never forget the love I saw on my second son's mother's face as I placed him in her open arms. I hope I never forget the days he and I spent together in the hospital when he was all "mine."

I hope I never forget the amazing feelings I felt on my wedding day as I married my best friend and soul mate. It took many trials and mistakes to find him but it was worth it to be so happy and surrounded by love from family and friends. 

There are so many other things in life I hope I never forget; memories with my family and friends, stories they have told me, where I was during important moments of history and so on but my five minutes are up. 

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  1. Your descriptions brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful post! :-)

  2. Isn't it interesting to see how many of us focused on not forgetting? and how we might mention wanting to forget negative things but choosing to focus on remembering the good things? Positivity is much more profitable a focus. Nice post!

  3. I love how much I learned about your life in just this tiny little post. A great "capturing" of your story :)