Thursday, May 5, 2011

Group Craft: Quote Frames

We always do a group craft at our Birthmother's Day Retreat and I thought I'd share that here because I know some of you are occasionally looking for inexpensive craft ideas you can complete with a group. This would be great for a girl's craft night or a church function. 

I always find it challenging to come up with a craft that is inexpensive, easy to produce in a group setting, meets within our time constraints (we have about 45 minutes), and is easy enough that even the crafting challenged can complete it. I think I managed to do that with this craft. 

I call these "quote frames" because my purpose for them is to write meaningful quotes on them but you could use them for notes, lists, baby sitter notes, etc. 

What You Will Need:
Frame (one per a person) 
Dry Erase Marker (one per a person)
Variety of scrapbook paper
Glue Stick
Embellishments (such as flowers, ribbon, rhinestones, buttons, etc)
Strong glue like E-6000 or Super Glue

For a group craft, I like to have plenty of supplies and scatter them amongst the tables. The dollar store is a great place to pick up extra pairs of scissors and glue sticks. You don't really need a pair per a person as they can just share. 

1. Have each person choose their scrapbook paper for their frame. This can be a smidge tricky because you'll be writing on top of the frame so the paper can not be too busy or colorful because you won't be able to see the writing. If you are wanting to use a really busy paper, I suggest double layering. Put a busy pattern as a back layer and then cut a second piece of plain cardstock in a coordinating color to be the top layer. 
2. Once you have chosen your paper, you will simply glue it down using the glue stick to the backing that comes with the frame. Trim the paper so it fits.
3. Embellish the frame using flowers, buttons, ribbon, rhinestones - basically whatever you want and whatever you have on hand!
4. Use a little bit of scrapbook paper that matches and wrap that paper around your dry erase marker securing with glue or tape. Add one part of the velcro to the pen and the other part to your frame so your pen will attach to your frame. 

And that's it! Write on your frame, erase it and write again! This could take longer if you go crazy with the embellishing or be a shorter craft if you limit the embellishing. The embellishing really is the fun part and is what makes the frame pop. 

Here's a few pictures of different ones the gals made Saturday. 

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  1. I absolutely loved this craft!!! Since you did such a good job in typing this out...I am going to just link your blog with mine so that my readers can see how to make one of their own!!! :)

  2. What a great idea! This would be so fun to do for a girl's craft night. Love it!

  3. Great job! Katelyn and I always make these as Teacher Appreciation gifts. She embellishes the frame with buttons etc., it is a fun project! Yours look great!

  4. Love this :) Especially the "Amaze Yourself" one, I think I need to use that somewhere :) New follower from Not Just a Housewife

  5. Can't find a follow button but I am bookmarking you, LOL