Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Memorial Day Walk and Baseball Game

J had to work on Memorial Day so we did our grilling out on Sunday. We didn't really have any plans for Monday but on our way home from the store yesterday I noticed that the American Legion was hosting a Memorial Day baseball game at the baseball park very near our home. So I decided that Noah and I would walk down there and watch a bit of it if he wanted to. 

Noah seemed excited about it so we headed down towards the baseball park to our usual little spot where we watch. (I can't get his wheelchair in the actual park by myself so we usually go to a spot on the back side of the park where there is a little area I can push his wheelchair up to for him to see.) He enjoyed watching so we stayed there for awhile. 

Then we decided (Ok, I decided) we were going to walk just a little bit further to a Veteran's Memorial Park. It was only about 8 minutes (walking time) away from where we were so we headed there. I had been wanting to go there for awhile and take pictures but just hadn't done so yet and Memorial Day seemed like a fitting day to do so. The Veteran Memorial Park houses a large memorial wall that lists the name of soldiers in our county who lost their lives during various wars. Noah was pretty patient while I took some photos. 

Then we headed towards home which is also back towards the baseball park. Noah signed more baseball so we stopped and watched a few more minutes before heading home.

We had a fun little Memorial Day walk! What did you do on Memorial Day?

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  1. I just had to say I love that first picture of Noah in sunglasses! He's a male model! :-)