Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Noah's Compassion

Sometimes I'm amazed and in awe of my son's compassion. Despite all of Noah's issues he is one of the most tender hearted and compassionate people I know. I suppose one could assume that because he has experienced so many challenges in his short life and because doing some of the things able bodied people take for granted on day to day basis is a struggle for him, he has in turn become a very compassionate boy who cares for, loves on, and worries about people he hasn't even met in person yet.

Case in point, one day last week, Noah was making his nightly phone call to his Grandparents. Towards the end of the conversation my Mom told me that her friend Miss Lainey was having back surgery the next day and asked me to pray for her. Upon hearing this, Noah started trying to touch his own back which was his way of saying he had back surgery. He remembered the surgery, how painful recovery was, and immediately started worrying about Miss Lainey. He then started persistently signing blanket. Finally, my Mom said she'd take Miss Lainey one of the no sew fleece blankets she made recently. This made Noah happy. I think he associated blankets with his surgery because he got so many new blankets when he had his surgery and almost always had a blanket with him during recovery.

My Mom did go visit Miss Lainey in the hospital the next day and took her one of her blankets. Miss Lainey was very appreciative and in her thank you note to my Mom mentioned that the blanket was very special to her because Noah insisted that it be given to her and she would always remember that when she looked at it. 

And I'm left just being a proud Mom, proud of the compassion and kindness my boy can show to others. 


  1. That boy is all heart...well, and all brains. Noah is now officially two people!

  2. Noah's just awesome. Period. I love that boy! <3 Oh...and P.S. i love the new decor on your blog!