Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on Healthy Eating Goal

Back in January I shared with you some personal goals for 2011. My biggest goal for the year was to start living a healthier lifestyle by eating better and exercising. Although I don't really consider this a "diet" I knew that loosing weight would be a part of this goal. 

Thus far, I feel like I am doing really well with this goal! I have changed a lot of what we are eating by buying healthier and low fat foods. I've been counting calories (using Spark People to do this), trying new recipes, taking walks (with Noah!), and doing some exercise videos. (Love the Dance the Inches Off series - it doesn't even really feel like exercising!)

My friend, Monika, and I have become accountability partners and that has been SO helpful. It really helps to have someone who is supportive and trying to make many of the same lifestyle changes as you are. So, thanks Monika! 

Thus far, I've lost 22 pounds! I will admit there are weeks where it has been frustrating only losing a pound or two but I keep reminding myself that these are positive lifestyle changes I'm making and that loosing small amounts of weight over a long period of time is better than quickly loosing a lot of weight as they say it's easier to keep it off when you lose it slowly.  

I still have a ways to go before I hit my goal weight but I'm excited at the changes I'm seeing so far. I feel better, have more energy, and ultimately I think that combined makes me a happier, healthier person which in turn makes me a better wife, Mom, friend, etc. 


  1. It's been awesome to have you as my accountability partner too. I really appreciate you...and I'm SO proud of you! :-) <3 you!

  2. Hi Coley, you are doing super awesome girl!!!! Congratulations on the weight loss.