Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Walking with Noah

In my last post, I mentioned that I have been taking walks for exercise. I have been doing this in the late afternoons/early evenings so I can take Noah with me. I get extra exercise when I'm pushing the wheelchair up and down hills (because he is HEAVY!) and Noah loves it so that makes it a win win situation. 

Not very far from our house is a baseball field where one of the local high school teams practices and has games. It's close enough for us to walk but far enough for it to be worth the walk exercise wise so Noah and I have been walking to the field. He is in love with all things baseball at the moment (and starts the spring season of Miracle League Thursday!) so we have been walking to the field every afternoon/early evening and watching the team practice and play. There is one little area where he can see pretty good and is flat so I push him to that little area and let him watch. 

It's been good and fun for both of us! 

(Pictures taken by J when we went on a family walk on a nearby walking path when he was off work)


  1. Lovely, Coley! I wish I had a place to do that with Faith.

  2. Love the pics! It's beautiful around there. No wonder you like living where you do! And.....wtg on the walks. I'm so proud of you! :-)

  3. So happy for the time together. Beautiful photos!!